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FromWBUR's Rememberence project orated by Elissa Ely:



Karen Eva

Doc you are a legend in our lil town of Winthrop, your memory and teachings will live on for many generations. You impacted and inspired so many of us, a true gentleman and scholar. I was glad I got a chance to share a few great stories with you at our reunion and yes you made me laugh.


Sandra Austin Tacelli 

Doc Tacelli - Hit a home run on every level of his life!! 
A man with a huge heart, great wisdom and a laugh that filled your soul with joy. A man that is loved by everyone that come in contact with him. He taught me great life lessons without saying a word. Because of this man, my life has been blessed more than I can express. 


David Kruh and Mauzy Stafford

He must have been a wonderful man, raising as he did such wonderful children. 


Erin Conway

Doc Tacelli was a great friend to my Dad. I remember just days before my father passed away a few years ago, My Dad got a phone call from Doc. He lit up when he heard who was calling. I heard him say to Doc I will meet you on the other side at Duke's Diner for liver and onions. I will never forget that day cause it was the last day I saw him smile. Thanks for being his friend!


Matthew J. Kaim, O.D.

Dr. Tacelli was a great man with many talents. He had a diverse and envious career history and was an excellent businessman. Always friendly and kind he was greatly admired. I learned much from him. He will be missed. My heartfelt condolences.



Doc was such an incredible man in so many ways. Such a kind-hearted and amazing friend to my dad. Some of the funniest stories he told were about times he spent with Doc. I'm so grateful for the love and friendship they shared! I know they will enjoy their liver and onions up at Duke's Diner! Doc will forever hold a special place in my heart. 


Mike Komarek

 I remember his big and warm personality -- it was easy to see that he was a great dad. 


Dan & Stacia Ward

In reading and watching about your father's life, it is evident that you received a lot of your father's wonderful traits: good nature, energy and passion for life. Although I meet him briefly at our fraternity events, it was clear that he enjoyed life and enjoyed helping others. .


John & Betty Stevens Denton, Md.

Doc has always been a true friend, We both had "FRED" build our fire place's in NH. We joined a health club together.Good workout, but always stopped on the way home for a snack. Betty and I will always remember our fishing trips on the big lake in NH, with Carl, Phil.  


Diane Doucette

To the Tacelli Family – I was so sorry to hear about Doc’s passing. What a man. What a life he created. He and Patricia created a wonderful, welcoming, and loving family together. What a tribute. He was a rock of strength and support to his family and community. He had the love and affection of so many people. It’s rare for someone to have touched the lives of so many people in a community and to have helped so many - and to be friends with so many people. Doc was great to me and I will always remember all his help and all the fun. He was fun! He was a party just waiting to happen... I always picture him with a hearty laugh and a big smile on his face. That’s how I will remember him. 


Grace Curran Maiolino

One of the best teachers I ever had in Winthrop High School. You were the best Doc!!! I will never forget you!


Bill Lieberman

I was a senior at WHS in 1962 when I had Doc as my biology teacher. He not only taught us but also inspired us. Doc once mentioned in class that technicians from the town's water department sometimes used divining rods to find buried pipes. I set out to disprove that these "unscientific" instruments could work by making myself a pair and testing them. They worked! That led to more research that year and a science fair project which got me to the regional science fair. I still have that old set of divining rods and always think of Doc when I come across them.  
There was also an incident I remember fondly that same year in which a friend and I arrived at a championship basketball game in the high school gym. The room was packed, and no tickets were available. Doc was manning one of the doors to the gym. When he saw how disappointed we were in not being able to attend, he gave me a conciliatory handshake. I felt him press some paper into my palm. It was two tickets to the game. He told us to use the opposite entrance and find a space to sit on the floor, which we did. I never forgot that small act of kindness.




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